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Apr 12, 2003
That unusual reboot turned into a nightmare of reboots and crashes caused by a nasty virus. We fixed it but it cost me a day of my life I don't get back.

Mar 28, 2003
Hmm, we had to reboot today. Unusual for a linux box. I think I destabilized it by killing something important in the middle of doing something critical. And all because FTP was running slow. Ooops.

Jan 20, 2002
We finally make the JADE server live! Yay! Now the hard work of revamping the whole site and adding DB support and more Ahh, computers, the hobby that never stops...

Dec 26, 2001
I'm doing some of the final prep work on the new server Jade that will replace Emerald. Emerald is a mere Pentium 166 with 32MB of memory I should have upgraded back in 1998 when it ate its original harddrive. It has served rather well over the ages since then, much to my suprise. Jade will be be a dual Celeron 450 with 512MB (maybe more, we'll see) and has quite a bit more space. It should hold me a few years and give me a place to develop some blog stuff and other CGI tinkertoys without fear of loading 3MB of libraries into memory everytime one runs. A cute webtoy or poll shouldn't eat 10% of your total server resources, that is basic rule of electronic blasphemy. The whole site will get a makeover to match the blog once I settle on a basic style, as well. And I'll pick up hosting about 3-6 more domains too, I suspect.

Oct 20, 2001
Added the whole Vacation section and started writing up the sillier bits of the Great Lakes trip.

Aug 2, 2001
Wow, we are back on the air after BlueStar, the DSL provider that had me hooked up with a circuit sucked it down. Covad, the purchaser of BS lied to us for weeks and kept telling us we could switch but at the last minute went "oops, we can't, sorry!" so we hauled the servers into work for the time being.

Jun 10, 2001
Added a poem of all things. I'm going to try and beat on the comics section now that I've purged that.

Mar 18, 2001
Not much has happened on the XHTML or new sections plan. Yes, I suck. OTOH, I did add a privacy policy page and update the y2k page. And those two are at least ready for the XHTML revolution.

Apr 9, 2001
Beginning the long revision of this site. We'll be switching what we can to XHTML and adding new sections like Perl and Comics to the mix.

Feb 23, 2001
The people at Vanderbilt had their DNS servers setup wrong. They thought that my site belonged to someone they considered hiring. They are afraid of him now and called me a "Profane Goth". I'm not Goth damnit, it is just a fucking black background. OTOH, profane would likely be right on the mark... (He didn't get the job, BTW.)

Oct 11, 2000
Clearly most of the activity takes place on the blog these days but I did actually add the Work Haiku to the poetry section. Enjoy. Oh yeah, I also added the Piece of Shit Car page with my how to tell how shitty your car really is guide.

June 12, 2000

IMBF: Information must be free but should be abbreviated into obscurity

May 04, 2000
*sigh* I'm a fricking bonehead. I have set up like 12-14 Linux servers this week for work but try and change one thing on my own box and it goes all to shit. Obviously fixed now and moved to it's long term home in Dave's basement. Sorry =(

Apr 18, 2000
Poetry gets a quick update today. The 'Blog is still semi-active. I'm surfing less and working/gaming more.

Mar 28, 2000
Man every day is up or down these days. I'm either going 100 miles an hour or dead beat. Worse everyone at work is the same way. On day we are all "We are gonna rule the world!" and the next it's "This is all just sh!t. We suck!" All in all it's going well but I think we may be group bipolar. =)

Feb 21, 2000
Dang, I wanted to post stuff to the 'Blog but I can't because Blogger is down =( Well, ok it came back up an hour later =)

Jan 30, 2000
Added the poetry up finally. What little I could recover or find. The stuff I was proud of is lost to the ether. Thank you hard-drive-platter-crash gods.

Oh yeah, if you have IE5, this site seems to look fine in it. OTOH installing it has killed my IE4. Also, IE4 compatible mode, isn't. It is using the IE5 renderer, so the real things I need to check for compatibility I now can't. It is shit like this that gives Microsoft the bad name.

Jan 29, 2000
This came in the mail today, I like it a great deal:

"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others."

Jan 28, 2000
Oops, I'm a flaming bonehead. I forgot to put my e-mail address anywhere on this or any other page. Doh and double-doh!

Jan 24, 2000
Well I did some medium level CSS cleaning tonite. The headers now lean toward the blue, while the links are yellowish. This keeps the headers from looking like links. DOH! I also tweaked some other things like the underline border colors and sizes on H1-6 tags, brighter EM and STRONG, and dates are now a nice light blue. A line-height has been set on most large text block tags to spread the text out a bit since I don't tend to columnize much in HTML. A lot of text is now a bit easier on the eyes.

Some of this tweaking around is due to me writing my own HTML4.0 and CSS Tutorial. It isn't near finished but let me know what you think, OK? Sample1 shows most display effecting tags with my stylesheet. Sample shows the same thing without the stylesheet.

The next thing to go are the imge links on the left there. I still like it but it is too confusing and I never will get around to making up pages for all those puns. Also, I have nowhere to add more links like the tutorial stuff or the blog.

Jan 14, 2000
Whups, be scared, I actually cleaned up the site a little. Still haven't got the CoreDump style sheets to do what I want in all browsers but I'm still not beat. =) The main links off the site are now all there and consistent, the blog is linked and all the pages validated. Now if only I had a spillchucker.

Jan 13, 2000
Sorry 'bout the outage. My bad. =)

Jan 11, 2000
Did I forget to mention I got fired Dec 29th? Oops. =) It was official Jan 5th. It ain't no big thang, but if you are near Louisville and need a Perl programmer, Database designer, or web site integrator let me know. I got's friends to bring along if it's a big project. We specialize in quick major powerhouse web site integration. Make it quick tho, we gotta big thang coming up. More on that as it develops. =)

Jan 10, 2000
I've gone to the effort of cleaning up the css on this page and the 'blog a bit. Also I added another rant below, yup almost a whole year in there. Very sad. Next, more cleanup and the buttons on left begin to get cleaned up too! Real pages that match this one! Yay!

Dec 17, 1999
Be afraid, I have started a little blog Here. This means I'm actually going to commit to adding to the site every day. Watch in amusement as that doesn't happen!

Dec 10, 1999 gets a Y2K Policy! You may now relax

Oct 13, 1999
I need a job that wont drive me insane. I need a new car but I'm afraid to buy one since my job sucks. I need time to work on a new website idea, but I'm so depressed all I want to do is sleep. Videogames are nice. Chicks are real nice. But, I hardly know any, the ones I do know are hooked up, most women wouldn't be caught dead dating me, and all I wan't to do is sleep so I don't have much chance of meeting the one actual non-fussy women out there who really believes the line of shit she sells herself, friends, and men about men's looks not being important.

FUCK. <-- My mom hates this.

Here are some essays/rants

I wrote these early this year and late last when I felt better about life. They are experiments in CSS as much as writing.

Reminder: FSCKing HD Hell

Life sucks when your un-backed-up hardrive bytes it. This site lost everything in a mindnumbing crash. More than a year ago, but it still hurts. *sniff*

How 'bout the original (rescued from cache) page I had up before the crash? belch *sigh*

What the heck is up with your site being so dang plain?

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